Client: SACO – Mega Departmental Retail FacilityFit Out Project – Aziziya, Riyadh.

Project Constructible Area: 9,700 m2 (Approx)

Project Duration: 120 days


A: Obtaining all Municipality, Civil Defense, SCECO & Water Permits/approvals/inspections/follow-ups.

B: Re-strengthening of an obsolete 22 year old skeleton and turning it into a modern day mega retail outlet with complete interior and exterior major fit-out.

C: Heavy Demolition & Cast away to Municipality approved Dump Yards.

D: Superstructure and Façade works, Double Glass glazing, aluminum cladding – all Fire Rated

E: External Asphalt, Road Works, Lighting Poles with foundation/Electric works, Traffic Paint for Parking, curbstone , interlock tilesetc Complete Site Development works

Major/Complete Interior Fit-out Renovation Works including but not limited to

1) Electrical works

MDP, ACPs, XLPBs,Control Panels, Transformer, SCECO Connections, Heavy feeder cables installation and terminations, labelling, testing and commissioning, Travellators, Elevators, Smoke Fans, lighting with hot-dip galvanized cable trays, cable trunking, DALI systems, Generator, Earthing/Grounding systems. Switches, Sockets, outlets etc Complete Electrical works design approval and execution from beginning to the end.

2) Mechanical Works

Fire-fighting Sprinkler Network systems with 12 bar pressure testing, Plumbing, UL-FM Listed Fire/Jockey/Diesel and submersible pumps, HVAC Coordination, Fire-rated Ceiling Paint, Roof-top 4,200 m2 waterproofing with a 20-year attested warranty, Water-supply, drainage and connection to Municipality lines and all mechanical related items till handover of project.

3) Low-Current/Smart Systems

Interfacing and supply/installation of all systems including; security/burglar systems, Fire-Alarm and Smoke detection Systems, smoke fans, elevators, shutter-doors, Daikin AC units integration with Johnson Smart Thermostat AC Controls, FM-200 fire suppression systems, UPS, DATA systems with DATA Cabinets, Server and patch-coding, Telephone Systems and Water Leakage detection Systems, CCTV Camera systems, Cash-counters. Interfacing all these systems with each other to act in a sequence of events as per international standards of BMS.

4) Civil Works

Old existing finishes demolition, floor slab reinforced screed work for the full mall, plaster works, block works, complete paint job, steel doors fire rated with panic bars, wood doors-paintedwith door locks, accessories and door closers, windows, fire-rated cement plaster boards, Dorma Sliding doors, Traffic Doors Imported from the USA, gypsum partitions, glass partitions, Fabrication and Erection of Fire-Exit Staircases of Galvanized steel, brand new porcelain flooring, 500 Microns Epoxy Flooring for Warehouse area, Reinforced Concrete Shafts for elevators, travellators, hydraulic scissor lift for loading/unloading areas, Fire Rated Aluminum Cladding of the building Envelope, Textured American Spray paint for back wall and fence. Road networks for external parking of the mall, traffic paint works, wheel stoppers, 8 meter lighting poles with foundations and electrical connections, signages, handrails, trolley stands and much more all that is needed to bring a modern day retail experience.