AMAQ’s director reveals game-changing plans for B2B e-commerce in the Kingdom

Fahad Siddiqui, director of Operations at AMAQ Contracting Company, delves into the firm’s strategies for growth and alignment with KSA’s Vision 2030 objectives.

As part of this commitment and to support the construction sector, AMAQ is preparing to launch a B2B e-commerce portal for procurement. Siddiqui, who has been instrumental in developing this project, believes that this platform will be a game-changer for the industry, as it will “minimise corruption, create local jobs, and digitise the entire procurement of materials for the construction sector.”

Elaborating on the B2B e-commerce portal, he explains that the platform will simplify the procurement process by offering a comprehensive, user-friendly outlet that connects suppliers and contractors in the construction sector.

He further added, Saudi Arabia’s market is witnessing multidimensional exponential growth. It is imperative that organizations streamline their growth targets whilst having risk & contingencies well thought-out.

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