AMAQ Co. on why Saudi Arabia is rushing in for fit-out projects

AMAQ Contracting Company’s director of Operations Fahad Ali Siddiqui was interviewed by the Construction Week on June 30th, 2022. He spoke about understanding the KSA market and how AMAQ has “almost” mastered it.

In an exclusive interview to Construction Week Saudi, Mr Fahad said, “We have to understand and differentiate the KSA market uniquely from other regional and global markets because culture, comfort and trust plays a pivotal role in client selection of vendors here apart from technical and commercial screening,” says

Continuing, he says that AMAQ has almost mastered this art.

Elaborating on AMAQ’s plans in the kingdom, Siddiqui says that the short-term goal is to keep growing at about 10% annually with a prime focus on the non-oil private sector, directly in sync with KSA’s ambitious Vision 2030.

“We plan to be a part of this revolution by offering our top-of-the-line fit-out services to fine-dining restaurants, which are witnessing a behemoth growth in the kingdom. However, there are challenges, as expected. We plan to overcome these challenges with our ultra-flexible customisation of client experience during each step, beginning with the client call to when we hand over the keys to their new premise.

“AMAQ’s long-term goal is to develop from scratch or partner up with an e-commerce entity to launch a new B2B construction materials e-commerce portal in Saudi Arabia serving only the SME sector, addressing their pain points. We can provide them with real-time pricing, same-day delivery, guaranteed quantification and quality checks, and a full refund policy in case of errors. Once successful with the launch of this endeavour, we will be pioneers of this in KSA!”

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